Scarlett Johansson Changing Hair Style

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Some ladies like changes, others not. One of the sexiest women word wide, Scarlett Johansson adores changing her hair colors and style as it’s kind of a part of being a girl.

Scarlett Johansson's hair style

She said:

“I’ve had so many hair colours and I’ve worn loads of wigs. For me, it’s part of the fun of being a girl – changing your looks and exploring different ones for yourself. I always like to do that.”

The Iron Man 2 actress enjoys having fun with fashion but doesn’t think her style is any different to that of women in her native New York.

She told Look magazine:

“I’m a girl – of course I like getting dressed up. I’m a girlie girl, I like clothes, fashion and all that stuff. It’s fun. But I think I dress like a regular girl from New York.”

Being married to actor Ryan Reynolds, the 25-year-old beauty proves she definitely watches her healthy lifestyle as it helps to be toned up at her intense schedule.

She said:

“I definitely adopted a really healthy lifestyle. I did strength training, a lot of core work and all of that stuff. It’s all about building strength and agility.”

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