Sandwiches Do Harm

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How often do you buy the sandwiches, because you simply don’t have time or money for ordinary healthy food? If you take it once per month, that is probably ok. But the point is that many people eat sandwiches as their ordinary meals, showing bad example to their children. I must say!

Sandwiches Do Harm1

According to the consumer group Which? There are plenty of unhealthy ingredients in there, not mentioning the rates.

One sandwich from fast food chain Subway, the six-inch Meatball Marinara, was found to contain the same amount of salt as nine bags of Walkers ready-salted crisps – more than 75% of an adult’s maximum daily intake. Can you imagine that?

Or a cheddar ploughman’s from Asda had 15.2g of saturated fat – more than three-quarters of an adult woman’s recommended maximum daily intake.

The Which? compared fourteen chicken salad sandwiches and found no correlation between the price and healthiness.

Sandwiches Do Harm

So, do you pay your money for the fast food to destroy your health? I don’t think you want to harm you body somehow. In this case, prevent it from obesity and disturbed metabolism by eating healthy meals!

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