Rules for Skin from Dr. Elliott – Sarah Chalke

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The Scrubs star, Sarah Chalke, stars the miniseries Maneater that kicked off last week on Lifetime.

Rules for Skin from Dr. Elliott - Sarah Chalke

Sarah’s character always had a list of rules to follow for every situation, especially in love matters. Thus, Vaseline Aloe Fresh is launching its own playful take on the show’s premise with The Rules for Skin Season.

The series of vignettes — starring Sarah herself — will highlight a few fun and funny ways to get skin set for summer.

The Scrubs Dr. Elliott also shares her top 10 summer skin tips.

The home made tip from Sarah Chalke:

Grind up some strawberries for a fresh summer scrub,” she says. “The seeds will wash away dead skin.”

Try it! It’s very good!

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