Robert Pattinson Shaved His Head

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Being obsessed by The Twilight Saga we scrutinize the images of the characters and the actors as well. Every girl is in love with Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) now and ransacks the Internet for any info concerning him.

Recently Robert was talking about his hair style and some other points everyone is interested of.

Robert Pattinson Shaved His Head1

On his disgusting attitude toward himself:

“Because sometimes I look at myself in the mirror [Laughs] — I think anyone would be.”

On taking the backseat in New Moon:

“It’s just so nice being in a supporting role. There was so much pressure on Taylor for this one, and it’s like, he didn’t have a single bad day the entire shoot. I just stroll onto set, I’m like, ‘Oh, I’ve got one line!'”

On his hair secret style:

“I just use water. No one ever believes me, but it’s true.”

On his take on Edward:

“I kind of just tried to make him a little bit more aware of the irony of the situation…a 109-year-old who’s in love with a 17-year-old who he’s pretending to go to school with.”

On the tabloid marriage & the Kristen pregnancy rumors:

“Literally, that would be terrifying if I suddenly — well, actually, it wouldn’t be terrifying, it would be quite satisfying, actually, to be able to get someone pregnant from across the country. With a text message!”

Robert Pattinson Shaved His Head

On why he shaved his head:

“I’d just done with the GQ shoot, and I got it cut after that, on the shoot, and I just thought, Well, I’ve just done a GQ cover, I might as well get my hair cut.”

On being interviewed:

“I don’t find myself that interesting as a human being, so I don’t really think that much of what I say or do warrants being recorded.”

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4 Responses to “Robert Pattinson Shaved His Head”
  1. angela demarco Says:

    wat the hell did he do tht for

  2. lalalal Says:

    He was sexy mam-ajama before he cut it but it will grow back soon, he was and still is sexy-mexy-wexy-SEXY

  3. Laura elizabeth Says:

    Hes still gorgeous … hair is just hair x

  4. person Says:

    ahhhhhhhh! no! no! no! D:

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