Research Says Distorted Self-Image And Social Pressure Contributes To Anorexia

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Research Says Distorted Self-Image And Social Pressure Contributes To Anorexia

A new research by London School of Economics and Political Science on anorexia has found that the disease is due to peer/social pressure to be thin as well as the distorted self-image. The thinner the peers the more it is likely for anorexia to occur, researchers found, thus deeming the disease as “socially transmitted”. The sample of around 3,000 women of UK and Europe was used for analysis.

More generally, it is becoming increasingly apparent that standards of physical appearance are important and powerful motivators of human behavior, especially regarding health and food. Excessive preoccupation with self-image is regarded as a contributing factor to the proliferation of food disorders, especially among young women.

Distorted Self-Image And Social Pressure Lead To Anorexia, Study Says

Thus being constantly exposed to the images of extremely thin women in media and fashion contributes to the distorted self-image and food disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia:

Our study argues that a distorted self-image influences health-related behaviours, specifically food disorders. […]

We support the hypothesis that social pressure through peer shape is a determinant in explaining anorexia nervosa and a distorted self-perception of one’s own body.

The researchers believe that the government intervention can help change the situation to reduce the pressure on women that contributes to eating disorders. Seems that the solution to the problem is hiring healthy-looking women in advertising and other media.

The research was conducted by Dr Joan Costa-Font and Professor Mireia Jofre-Bonet. It is going to be published in a journal, Economica.

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