Red alert: Cheryl Cole Dyed Hair

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Cheryl Cole is the new trend settler. Recently she has dyed her luxurious locks into the red tint! I forced myself to the thought I might like it, but it was in vain. Looking at her now I sincerely feel regretful about the swing and do miss her previous image.


Although red tones are now set to be huge for winter with everyone heading to the salon to get a piece of this new celeb trend.

For those who want to add warm tones to the hair for the colder months, it’s a great choice, but don’t be tempted to reach for the home dye kits unless you know what you’re doing.


Blondes are advised to blend hair color tints in with brown highlights if you want to add a hint of red while brunettes can simply add a toner to spice up their hue.

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