Rainbow Highlighter Is Taking Over Internet

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Seem like the rainbow trend just transcended hair. There is a new beauty product that is taking over the Internet and it’s a handmade PRISM Rainbow multi-color Illuminating Pressed Powder from BitterLaceBeauty on ETSY, which is basically a highlighter that leaves rainbows on your cheeks if not blended.

BitterLaceBeauty highlighter

The powder comes in a 44 mm pan with a full rainbow of colors, though as noted in the brand’s Etsy description one or two colors might dominate and no two highlighters are the same.

The colors can be used separately, together, or you can blend them. Although the product isn’t vegan, it is not tested on animals, thus cruelty-free. While it’s currently sold out, you can follow¬†BitterLaceBeauty on Instagram for news and updates as well as to see the PRISM highlighter in action.

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