Prince Charles and his Herbal Remedy Line

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Prince Charles is a fan of all eco things and he is reportedly to set a new herbal remedies line.

He will debut the products through his Duchy Originals line.

Prince Charles

When I was very small, I remember so well my grandmother having her wonderful leather pouch with all these homeopathic glass phials in it,” he said. β€œIt was such a feature of my life and as I got older I became more and more aware of the effectiveness of homeopathy and indeed of complementary medicine generally.”

All of his present natural and organic food items are made by local producers and sold through his Originals line.

Professor Johnjoe McFadden, head of molecular genetics at the University of Surrey:

Prince Charles, like many wealthy people, has no concept of the hardships of other parts of the world. He wants to retain his rural idyll by telling the poor to eat organic cake while he pours wine into the fuel tank of his sports car.”

The new row will be available next year

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One Response to “Prince Charles and his Herbal Remedy Line”
  1. cheerful girl Says:

    ha-ha! i could never expect Prince to start any kind of collections. he must have plenty of other work to do…

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