Peter Andre Created George Clooney Scent

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Ex-husband of Katie Price Peter Andre believes that his cologne for men, named Conditional, smells like George Clooney. Creating the scent he imagined that men wearing it should feel himself self-confident and masculine like Clooney on the red carpet.

Katie Price's ex husband Peter Andre has George Clooney scent

He said:

“It’s an evening, red carpet sort of thing. I would like to think if you put a man’s face to it, it would be George Clooney.”

The Behind Closed Doors singer added:

“If you can imagine George Clooney walking down the red carpet and how he would smell. That’s how I try to imagine this smells.”

Peter has already had the scent for women called Unconditional and thinking about the name for the cologne he originally wanted a different moniker but was worried people would mock it.

He told More! magazine:

“I know it sounds a bit like ‘Conditioner’ but we’ve done this because the female fragrance was a massive seller.”

The British-Australian singer and songwriter commented:

“So when it came to doing men’s fragrance, I came up with the name Distinctive. I thought that was really good but then I thought everyone would call it ‘stink’ for short. So it had to be something else.”

Pretty interesting explanation, don’t you think? Would you like you darling smells like one of the world’s sexiest men – George Clooney? I would, though I like the smell my honey has.

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