Peter Andre’s New Smell. Now male.

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The pop singer and songwriter, Peter Andre is to launch the men’s perfume soon and he is full of hope that it’ll follow the steps of his previous women’s scent, Unconditional.

Peter Andre male perfume

He said:

“I’ve just picked out a fragrance for my new men’s range and I can’t wait for everyone to smell it.”

The 37-year-old star revealed the preliminary date of the fragrance release:

“I’m planning to launch it just before Father’s Day (20.06.10) in the UK so all you ladies have to go out and buy it for that very special man in your life.”

The ex-husband of Katie Price is still astonished at how popular his female fragrance (inspired by Lily Allen, by the way) has been.

He added:

“My perfume is still selling so well – someone buys a bottle once every 35 seconds apparently!”

On his inspiration – Britain singer Lily Allen:

“She’s kind of a fresh burst of summer. There’s something about Lily Allen that’s really exciting to me.”

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