Peaches Geldof’ Hair Catastrophe

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The British socialite Peaches Geldof didn’t get the hair color she wanted after iterative hair dying session went wrong.

Peaches Geldof’s Hair Catastrophe

She said:

“It’s actually ridiculous because my hair got highlighted badly and it went orange.”

The Ultimo underwear range model admitted she had to visit a hairdresser for eight hours following the disastrous dying procedures.

“My faithful hairdresser and make-up artist Michael had to correct the damage the stylist had done to my hair and it took about five bleachings to get to this colour, which is still not what I wanted but is close to it.”

She added:

“I was exasperated and it was a traumatic time. It was like the Twilight Zone in there.”

Together with her friend Fifi Brown, Peaches visited London hairdresser Taylor Taylor to get the colour right.

The salon is pretty fame among the celebs like La Roux, Calvin Harris, Sir Ian McKellan and Zoe Ball who have all visited it in the past.

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One Response to “Peaches Geldof’ Hair Catastrophe”
  1. S Lyall Says:

    I was in the Taylor Taylor salon the day that madam came in and she was freaking horrible! Her make-up artist screwed her hair up after booking the salon and the poor staff in there had to spend the rest of her day fixing the mess while she threw a trantum I was later told by my stylist. Someone called the paparazi and from all the comments she has made I can only presume that they called them to drum up some press. The guys at the salon would never have wanted to admit to her coming in!

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