Pat McGrath Is Launching New Hightlighters

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Fine Gold 003

Pat McGrath is slowly and steadily releasing her own beauty products since October. The renowned make up artist has already dropped a few intense eye shadow hues. This time around she’s sharing her long-time beauty secret she’s used to make models’ skin glow and radiate. A highlighter. Scratch that, it’s two highlighter shades that comes in three-piece kits with a special buffer brush and a gel pigment.

The highlighter is packaged in a double-ended stick with a balm. The reason for this was to make the highlighter kit much more versatile. You can use it for highlighting cheeks, eye brow bone, lips, shoulders, and cleavage (with boob contouring being a thing, it’s not surprising why make a highlighter for it).

Iridescent Pink

This has been my backstage beauty secret for decades–it literally transforms ordinary skin into otherworldly opulence in a flash. Skin Fetish 003 leaves an untouched quality to the skin, but also a purity and a refinement; an ethereal glow, says the make up artist in a statement.

She also Instagram-ed the swatches for her products that are about to hit the shelves in Sephora by the end of the year.

Skin Fetish 003 kit

$72 kit will be supplemented with McGrath’s signature couture sequins 


Pat McGrath highlighter at work at Valentino Fall 2016 show

Users may experience increased confidence, attraction to mirrors, and other side effects associated with supremely salacious skin,” the statement warns. So with this in mind, how excited are you for these gorgeous highlighters?

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