Pamela Anderson Doesn’t Like Her Body

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The busty former Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson, walked the runway recently at the Richie Rich AMuse Fashion Show in New York City on Wednesday (February 17) and said that she didn’t like her body giving an interview taking to the catwalk in a revealing metallic bathing suit for their show Wednesday night at Amnesia.

Pamela Anderson models for Richie Rich AMUSE Show

She said:

“I never feel confident. I really don’t love my body.”

The 42-year-old Canadian is reportedly to star in the next tenth season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars starting March 22.

Hope, that that’ll help her improve her confidence and body condition as well. Or maybe she will revise her image in general and will see a new Pamela Anderson soon.

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One Response to “Pamela Anderson Doesn’t Like Her Body”
  1. Steve Says:


    I’d still “DO” her in a flash…
    it scream “Experienced Canadian chick”
    those would give you a night to remember…

    Steve From ‘Eh!”

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