Outspoken Scent from Fergie and Avon

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The Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie is to launch her debut fragrance Outspoken developed with cosmetic firm Avon and said the name was of prime importance as it had to reflect her attitude as well as being original.

Fergie's Outspoken Scent

Stacey Ferguson told WWD:

“I didn’t want to call it Duchess, or Glamorous, or Fergalicious, or something that I’ve already done.”

She also described the scent:

“I didn’t want it to be so cutesy. I wanted it to be strong and empowering, something that represents me as a whole woman, a fearless woman.”

She wanted Outspoken to make a ‘statement’.

“From my music to my wardrobe, my style is all about speaking up and making a statement. That’s why my first-ever fragrance exudes independence. Outspoken definitely turns heads, but it also lets your true personality shine through.”

The scent notes are starfruit, tuberose, jasmine, and passion flower with base notes like black leather and smoky vetiver.

Fergie’s husband, actor Josh Duhamel said:

“I didn’t like what she was wearing before, but I never told her. But this is good. It just works with my nose, I think.”

Outspoken by Fergie will be released in September in the US and sell at $28 a bottle.

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