Orange drinks are dangerous

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According to the recent study fizzy drinks sold under the Fanta brand in Britain have been found dangerous to drink as they are reported to contain pesticides at up to 300 times the level allowed in tap or bottled water.

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The researchers tested 102 cans and bottles of soft drinks, purchased in 15 countries, for the presence of 100 pesticides. The experts said that the levels found were low under the maximum residue levels allowed for fruit, while they were extremely high – up to 300 times – permitted for bottled or tap water.

The harmful substances detected included thiabendazole, carbendazim, prochloraz, imazalil, malathion and iprodione. They are used to apply to fruit after harvest to prevent the developing of fungal infections and rotting.


Orange and lemon drinks which are reported to have high-level of pesticides are very popular with people and children in particular. That is why the research team called on the Government, and the industry to act on removal of the chemicals and advised to work out new safety standards to regulate the soft drinks market.

The Coca-Cola company denies people are at risk and affirms that the levels found by researchers based at the University of Jaen in southern Spain are not harmful.

A spokesman said: ‘All of the drinks tested meet the safety regulations relating to food products made from agricultural ingredients, which include drinks with fruit juice as an ingredient.

‘The generally miniscule levels that were detected were well within the acceptable daily intake levels and these findings should reassure consumers there is no safety issue here.’

The problem is very urgent indeed. Coca Cola is a company with more than a hundred years history. There were plenty of arguments on the topic that Cola and other products manufactured by the company are not safe and may be harmful for people’s health. But it is the first time when the level of chemicals is so high. It can ruin the reputation of the company if they do not take appropriate measures.

However, company’s reputation is nothing when it comes to people’s health and lives. Each producer should think about all possible ways to make their products safe and useful rather than just making money on its consumers.

I hope other studies will not confirm the fact fizzy drinks tested really contain poisoning chemicals, otherwise no one will ever buy them again. Though, who knows, good marketing campaign can do marvels

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  1. Sissy Says:

    OH MY GOD!!!! My kids love Cola so much… i guess i won’t risk to buy this drink any more.. Thanks for information.

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