Nude Boom Swept over Cosmetic Industry

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It has become increasingly popular for celebs to go nude promoting various cosmetic products. And no matter that you are invited for a lipstick ad, don’t forget to show off your hot body or at least some part of it. Surely it is easily explained as various headlines such as ‘Welcome NUDE celebrated Lancôme face’ with NUDE as the keyword or something like this would attract more curious eyes. Thus it is absolutely clear why nude boom has swept over modern cosmetic industry. In confirmation of my words I’d like you to watch the latest cosmetic promo starring nude celebrity, Kate Winslet.

Nude Boom Swept over Cosmetic Industry

35-year-old Hollywood inhabitant, Kate Winslet appeared nude in the latest Lancôme promo video promoting new Lancôme’s lipstick L’absolu Nu. Well, Kate undoubtedly looks stunning being almost nude against pastel-colored silk sheets promoting nude lipstick colors. Therefore the promo will be prosperous without fail.

And it is not the only example; just remember the recent Megan Fox’s nude appearance in Giorgio Armani Code ad or Rihanna posing naked for Nivea Skincare.

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