No more Chocolate for pregnant Adriana Lima

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The 28-year-old pregnant supermodel Adriana Lima decided to refuse to eat chocolate during pregnancy.

Adriana Lima

The Victoria’s Secret angel used to be crazy about sugary snacks, but since falling pregnant the idea of eating sweet stuff makes her sick.

She said:

“It’s funny because I used to love chocolate – I was such a chocolate lover until I got pregnant! But now it just doesn’t appeal to me at all. I haven’t really had any since I got pregnant.

I guess that’s a good thing since it’s chocolate and it’s probably not good for the baby to eat too much sugar, but I hope I get my love of chocolate back afterwards because I really did enjoy it!”

The child is expected this winter and Adriana Lima and baby daddy basketball star Marko Jaric are impatiently waiting for their first kid.

The new mom-to-be has already started shopping for her unborn baby.

She added to Us Weekly magazine:

I’ve really never felt better. I feel like I’m glowing because I just – right now – I just have everything. My life is complete right in this

We actually went out and bought a stroller the other day even though I’m only 17 weeks pregnant! Marko was telling me that he can’t wait to
push the stroller around and how he’s going to be the proudest dad in the whole world.”

They don’t know the sex of child and she plans to be surprised with the sex of the baby, however, it didn’t stop her and Jaric from designing the children’s room.

They don’t know the sex of child and she plans to be surprised with the sex of the baby, it hasn’t stopped her and Jaric from design the children’s room.

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