Nina Dobrev: Chinese Appearance

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Nina Dobrev has appeared on the cover of the Chinese magazine “Femina” for March 2013. Being modest and cute on the cover, she discussed her future plans on the Vampire Diaries set, her romantic relationship with her co-star Ian Somerhalder and recent trips, as well as other appearances. Let’s take a glance over her cover story!
Nina Dobrev: Chinese Edition

Nina Dobrev as a Covergirl for “Femina”

Remember Nina Dobrev, a star famous after her leading role in mystic drama Vampire Diaries series? Well, she has resurfaced in the public, appearing on the cover of Chinese “Femina” magazine! Looking modest and cute as never before in that yellow dress, the American actress with Bulgarian roots talks about her experience of being cold after the vacation in some mysterious hot places:

“Shooting in 28 degrees Fahrenheit wearing next to nothing. Gotta love shooting warm weather scenes in the dead of winter.”

Nina Dobrev: Chinese Edition
It is known, that she has recently returned from the vacation with her sexy boyfriend Ian Somerhalder, her co-star and rival in Vampire Diaries. Apparently the change in weather is a really big issue, because just the few days before that sweet vacation of hers, she has tweeted the following:

“Weather is so weird in ATL! One day it’s supposed to snow, the next day it’s sunny, not a cloud in the sky. Bi polar weather.”

Nina Dobrev: Chinese Edition
However the latest Nina Dobrev appearance was spotted at the SuperBowl parties, specifically the DIRECTV Super Saturday Night party on Saturday night, which was a night before Superbowl, in New Orleans, Lousiana, where she was wearing that gorgeous black dress. However, earlier that evening, she has met with her boyfriend, Ian Somerhalder in another super bowl event Mercedes-Benz and Lacoste/GQ Party at The Elms Mansion.
Nina Dobrev: Chinese Edition
At this event, Nina Dobrev was wearing a cute baby blue Zuhair Murad dress with Jimmy Choo shoes and clutch. That is all in between the sets of shooting the ongoing series of her major work – Vampire Diaries. However, recently the deleted scenes from another major movie had resurfaced. The deleted scenes from “The Perks of being wallflower”, but that is another story! Quite a life, huh?

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