New Hypnose Drama by Lancôme

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Drama drama drama!!! We don’t long to bring drama into our lives but we do want to add it to our eyelashes image. A couple of months passes before the world will see the latest masterpiece from Lancome – Hypnose Drama.

New Hypnose Drama by Lancôme1

Since the “ancestor” of the new mascara, Hypnose, was launched in 2004 and became the best world selling one, the brand decided to restorm the market with ultra flirty lash clothes.

What’s the difference and how does it work, you wonder? Hypnose Drama takes lashes to new extremes, catching even the shortest hairs. The result is shocking alluring lashes, wide eyes and 100% doubled volume.

New Hypnose Drama by Lancôme

For best results place the brush at the base of the lashes and glide towards the tip. The unequalled S-curve builds twinkling volume. I’m eager to compare it with Hypnose. Be sure, I’ll share my impression with you, my dear!

Hypnose Drama by Lancôme will be available on 1 August, 2009 under the price of £19.50 ($32).

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