Nail Trends SPRING/ SUMMER 2010

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Face it, nails are important. These days you can walk into a nail salon and find loads of brands and polishes to choose from. Nail brands like OPI and Essie are releasing seasonal collections like designer ready-to-wear.

Spring Summer 2010 Nail Trends

The new trend for Spring/Summer 2010 is definitely going to be pale and interesting. So lilacs and sky blues with candy floss pinks are sure to replace the neonsand dark reds seen last summer. Chanels’ collection The Les Pop up de Chanel is a bright example.

Les pop up de chanel summer 2010 promo

Nails are a major feature on contemporary runways and celebutantes are the messengers that help propel the trends we see. Nail trends keep on changing with every color trend change. Women look forward for every to nail trends each coming season.

2010 nail polish gray american apparel
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