Nail Polishes Still Aren’t Safe

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A new study from Duke University and the Environmental Working Group has found hazardous fire retardants in nail polish that might negatively impact the hormone balance, reproduction, development, and metabolism in women and young girls.

Most Nail Polishes Are Still Toxic

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Before it was tolulene, dibutyl phthalate, and formaldehyde that got experts worried about disruption of reproductive system and even birth defects that these ingredients were linked to but they are now mostly gone from the nail polish in some cases along with allergens formaldehyde resin and camphor.

Fire retardant chemical (triphenyl phosphate or TPHP) that was found in 8 out of 10 nail polish samples from such brands as OPI, Sally Hansen, and Wet N Wild is used to make nail polish last longer but it’s said to cause hormone problems in women. Also some brands don’t even list it in the ingredients list because it’s undetected.

The EWG report offers interesting insights and details on the study and its findings. For instance, it says that since TPHP interferes with metabolism the studies into how it may affect weight gain and obesity are required.

They also decided not to disclose the names of the brands that did not disclose TPHP in their polishes as well as those that contained it to give them a chance to update their ingredient listing and because they only studied ten samples and not the entire product line of those brands. Too bad for us consumers, if you ask me.

Cosmetics have historically contained hazardous chemicals and lead to all kinds of conditions from disfigurement to hair loss and even death. So even when manufacturers claim their products aren’t toxic it should be taken with a grain of salt. Chances are the newer ingredients are just harder to detect and have less obvious but not less dangerous effects.


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