Myleene Klass against Botox

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There is so much written on Botox topic that it seems everything is quite clear buts still many ladies do use it. However, there are also those who understand the injections are better to avoid. Among those there are famous people as well, for example Myleene Klass.

myleene klass
The TV and music star is against Botox injections, that is why when she was asked to front ad campaign for anti-wrinkle jabs she refused saying everything she had in mind.

She commented:

I got offered a fortune to advertise Botox – but I told them exactly where to stick their needles!”

You’re meant to start using it before the wrinkles come and then just do upkeep, but there is no way I would ever do it. I’m a wimp – I don’t want a knife through my body or anything pumped through me! And I won’t put that poison in my body – they can s*d off!” she added.

What do you think about it? Do you agree that Botox isn’t the best option to stay young?

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