Mischa Barton’s Recipe of Looking Good

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Mischa Barton says her make-up style is “rock ‘n’ roll natural”. She hates wearing too much make-up, but feels uncomfortable if her eyes are not outlined with liner.


She explained:

I’d describe my look as natural with a rock ‘n’ roll edge. I’m low-maintenance, but with eye make-up! I use tons of Chanel black eyeliner and always have it on me. I’m pretty used to doing a smokey eye on myself using Yves Saint Laurent eyeshadows in shimmery black and blue.”

So, the actress is obviously fond of her natural look. That is pretty good and it goes well with her.

Besides, Mischa told she takes proper care of her skin. The 23-year-old avoids staying in the sun unless she is on holiday and prefers to be pale rather than having dark-toned skin.

She says:

I’m happy being pale. I think it looks great on women and it’s good for your skin. I like real tan or no tan at all. I’m not a fan of fake tan.”

When Miss Barton is tired she likes to treat herself to a pampering session:

I like old-fashioned relaxing too. I always take baths with some kind of oil. I like to buy natural products, but I’m not obsessive. It’s just nice to use things that don’t have tons of bad things in them.”

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