Mel C Regrets Her Tattoos

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The numerous tattoos of the former Spice Girls singer, Mel C impede her life style. She admits it complicated to be unrecognized due to her 11 pieces of etchings.

Melanie C

So she regrets about having them done saying:

“I do regret a bit having them done. Especially when I’m on the beach. Or when I’m hoping to be incognito and I can’t take my coat off in the sweltering heat because everyone will know it’s me when they spot them.”

Appearing in London West End show – Blood Brothers she says her role has made her regret her body art even more as she has to spend so much time covering them up for the role as a 1950s housewife.

Melanie told Britain’s Sunday Telegraph newspaper:

“I have to cover them up every night on stage with camouflage cream; it takes for ever. But they would look a bit out of place, wouldn’t they?”

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