Megan Fox’s New Armani Beauty Campaign Shots

Megan Fox has posed for another Armani beauty campaign. The first shots show the actress sporting a burgundy Rouge Sheer lipstick and shiny eyeshadow and a more subtle makeup look to advertise a Regenessence High Lift cream.

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Megan Fox’s new Armani beauty campaign shots show her wearing a bold lipstick, dark nail polish, and shiny eyeshadow in one and nude lips and frosty eyeshadow in another. The first image is to advertise the Rouge Sheer lipstick and second one is for Regenessence High Lift cream.

Megan Fox's New Armani Beauty Campaign Shots

Fox has been announced the face of Armani Beauty in 2010 and has since done several ad campaigns. The shots are heavily retouched as usual though the makeup look itself is beautiful. The sheer shadows look good with the bold lipstick. What do you think?

Megan Fox's New Armani Beauty Campaign Shots

The Rouge Sheer lipstick is to launch on 8th of March and will be exclusive to Selfridges while Regenessence High Lift cream will be available on April 1st.

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