Manicure Horoscope July 2009

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Summer is heating the minds. To look and feel yourself great you should watch your appearance as well as your manicure. Let’s see what Stars say about manicure preferences.

Miss July – Cancer


Cancer is such a creative personality who is fond of active life style. You always look for something new. Your manicure for July: cover the nails with a tender pink polish and reproduce the cancer sign with small strasses until the polish doesn’t dry off completely.

And when the picture is ready, apply colorless polish onto it to fasten the masterpiece and strasses.



Leo is born under the Fire sign and under the Sun protection. Being proud and generous, you are unable to endure small things. Manicure for Leo in July: as far as you are a child of the Sun, you’d better use orange hue as a background or red as an alternative.

Then goes the picture. To make the manicure proper to the sign, use “gold” stones and metal “pearls”. Then fix the composition with a thick layer of colorless or light golden polish.



Virgo is a total realist. Your feelings and mind are in harmony. And it seems you’re expecting the same from others but rarely get that. Manicure for Virgo: take dark-brown or any other dark polish as under-picture background.

Draw your zodiac sign with the help of a thin brush or apply the symbol with the nail-art stones. When the composition is over fix it with the colorless nail polish.



Libra is a sign of air. No doubts that you prefer to be free as the wind, absolutely independent. Choose light air tints for July manicure. Cover the nails with a beige tint and wait until it dries off.

Then stick silver or golden self-adhesive paper that can help to draw your zodiac simbol and then put colorless polish above the picture you get.



Everyone is jealous of Scorpio energy and strong will. You are a natural fighter who never gives up the plans. Water sign Scorpio is obliged to take a dark-blue polish as a background. But if this color is too aggressive for you, try some other calm hues.

The point is that it should be from the blue palette. Don’t wait until it dries off and apply small white “pearls” or sparkling stones from the nail art. Colorless polish goes in the end.



Fire temperament of Sagittarius adores trips, changes and interesting meetings. July manicure for you: dark blue, violet and purple hues are perfect ones as a background polish.

Stars say that these colors are favorite for Sagittarius. When the foundation dries off, create the symbol of your zodiac sign using self-adhesive sticks for nail art. Cover the edge of the arrow with a silver color.

Don’t’ forget that the basis should be completely dry when working with self-adhesive sticks. Fixate your nail creation with colorless polish.



It is considered to be that Capricorn is a very patient and stable person. Stars say that you’d better choose restrained and powerful colors simultaneously: all hues of brown, dark green, dark grey, black and violet.

Manicure for Capricorn in July: cover the nail with red polish and let it dry. To stress earth elements of Capricorn, you can draw the zodiac sign with white, black and violet polish colors. After it dries off, fixate it with a mother-of-pearl polish.



Aquarius is a sign of air elements. Your risky nature has great intuition that prompts you to use light blue, intensive blue, grey and sea-green colors. A bit dramatic geometrical design symbolizes your exiting life style.

Manicure for Aquarius in July: take blue and light-grey polishes as a background. Apply the drawings with dark blue, white and black polishes. Then fixate them with a colorless one.



Pisces are romantics. You are extremely sensitive and often follow your inner spirits not notifying others about the consequences. Pisces are mother-of-pearled and pasteled. Your colors are watery: sea-green, ultramarine, blue.

Manicure for Pisces: the drawing depicts two Pisces pretty schematically tied up with water elements. Put mother-of-pearl tint onto the nail as a basis. Draw the picture with an ultramarine color and finish with a colorless one.



Aries is the fire element child. You are fond of adventures. You are a born fighter. Your palette is red, yellow and all the hues in the range between them.

Manicure for Areis: fire-red polish as a basis. Draw the zodiac sign in an orange tint and when it dries off a bit apply sparkling gold stones and fix them with colorless one.



Taurus is an Earth sign. Stars offer you to orientate at pink, green, light and dark blue colors in manicure. Take pink polish as a basis and draw a bull head that can be depicted in a form of a semicircle and a circle.

To hint on some mercenary spirit of Taurus, you can make the nail design even more complex with ceramic slices. Fix the composition with the colorless polish.



Gemini is a sign of Air thus you require freedom just like fresh and free air. You like to “dance on the floor in the round” . Perfect manicure for them is in the color palette of silver, white, light-blue, orange and all the yellow hues.

Take silver tint as a background for the manicure. Gemini symbol can be applied with the blue or mother-of-pearl tinted nail polish and be decorated with sparkling stones. Colorless polish goes upward.

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