Make-up Free is Worse Than a Job Interview

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Going out make-up free is even more stressful for a woman that a job interview. Maybe that’s why women tend to spend hours putting make-up on during the morning.

It was found that more than two thirds of women are wouldn’t go out to work without a make-up on. According to the results of the survey performed for the Vitality Show the major part of women, stepping out of the house bare-faced is even more stressful than giving a public speech, a job interview or a first date with a man.
The poll that involved 3,000 women discovered that more than a half of interviewed women would prefer not to be seen make-up free by their family members, friends or a partner, while 70 percent of women stated they wouldn’t want to be seen barefaced by their colleagues or boss.

Women tend to wake up a half an hour prior their male partners and spend around 21 minutes each morning on putting the make-up on and doing their hair.
91 percent of women stated they would rather cancel their first date rather than appear in front of the man make-up free. 31 percent of women stated they would not attend the gym without the make-up on. Moreover, one in six women said they wouldn’t open the front door if they are bare-faced.

Sarah Jane Froom, a make-up artist, commented:

There is the assumption within some companies that for women good grooming equates to doing a good job. But while women are expected to look awake, bright and glowing, with great skin of course, they don’t want to look to heavily made-up or like they are wearing a mask. Last year a study found that one in three bosses think female employees wear too much make-up.”

Celia Bibby, psychologist, said:

Many women feel that there is a stigma associated with not wearing make-up and that their employers may discriminate against them if they don’t turn up to work “dolled up”. Studies have found that women who wear makeup are seen as more competent, likeable and trustworthy to employers. But there is a crucial maximum as to how much women should wear beyond which dramatic and heavy makeup make them be seen as untrustworthy.”

She added:

We may object to the pressure to wear makeup as part of the “uniform” of working life but for men it is very difficult to display their individuality, having only a haircut, choice of colour tie or jacket style to differentiate them from their colleagues.”

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