Macy Gray Is Over With Drugs for Beauty

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American R&B and soul singer-songwriter, Macy Gray finally quit drugs as they make her look old and ‘really bad’. Macy admitted that the main reason why she cut down on the amount of drugs was because they started affecting the way she looked.

Macy Gray quit drugs for beautiful look

She told The Sunday Telegraph newspaper:

“It’s vanity, really. At a certain age drugs make you look really bad. When you’re 20 you can party all night and look good; you wake up, throw on some sunglasses, you look great. Once you get into your 30s it takes a long time to shake it off. I was like, ‘I can’t do this anymore, it’s starting to show!’ “

Raising three children – Aanisah, 15, Mel, 14 and Happy, 12 – alone, the I Try singer is getting older, she has felt a lot more comfortable in her skin since she turned 40 last September.

She said:

“I got over it real quick. I like saying I’m 40 better than I liked saying I was 39, which is like you’re on a ledge of something.”

It proves the fact that beauty is a very strong power, though it’s so sad that the reason is far from children, family and so on.

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