Lush To Launch Makeup Line

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Lush To Launch Makeup Line

Lush “Emotional Brilliance” Makeup Line

Lush Cosmetics is known for their handmade organic products that include creams, soaps, face cleansers and many other. But now come July 21st, the company will launch a makeup line consisting of vegan liquid lip color, eyeliner and eyeshadow in bright lively colors. The Emotional Brilliance (the name of the collection) includes ingredients like cocoa butter, jojoba oil, rose wax and rose petal infusion.

Lush To Launch Makeup Line

As a brand focused on eco-friendly products Lush is also known for their animal cruelty free policy and minimal packaging. The new makeup products will come in recycled or recyclable packaging including clear glass bottles. The makeup line will also include a translucent powder, two skin tints and a mascara.

Lush To Launch Makeup Line

The concept behind the color collection is to offer different colors according to one’s mood. The colors are bright and intense but can also provide with sheer coverage. They will be displayed on the color wheel that will help to choose colors that match the customer’s mood. While the wheel is spinning the customers can choose three colors they find themselves most drawn to.

Lush To Launch Makeup Line

The collection will hit the Lush stores later this month and the lip and eye colors will retail at $22.95. So what do you think about the Lush makeup line?

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