Lipotec Made A Tan Research

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Lipotec has enclosed a new tanning accelerator peptide that speeds up melanin production and keeps a tan after two weeks of the radiation.

Melatime from Spanish peptide and delivery systems specialist Lipotec is a palmitoyl tripeptide that stimulates cAMP production (cyclic adenosine-3’, 5’-monophosphate), increasing melanin synthesis and accelerating the tanning process under UV-inducing conditions.


In a controlled in vitro study melanin content was said to be increased by 180% after four days of treatment. In vivo the ingredient was found to reduce the Individual Typological Angle values by 108% more than the placebo in the first week of treatment under UVA-inducing conditions and 14 days after last irradiation showed a decrease of 40%.

Lipotec reported that the material makes a natural tan by fitting the constitutive colour of the skin and maintaining the tan for two weeks.

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