Lily Allen Has No Stylist

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Lily Allen does not have a stylist who could do her make-up or hair when she’s on tour. The singer prefers doing everything herself.

lily allen

She said:

I usually do my own hair and make-up for shows.”

It’s really strange and unusual taking into consideration the fact her music topps charts and she is a face of Chanel handbag campaign.

Besides, no one helps Lily choose clothes for her performances. She is known for wearing outrageous, brightly coloured ensembles and she claims she never plans on what to don for stage beforehand. This explains why her wardrobe is so huge.

She explained:

My clothes may seem extravagant, but I never really plan what I’m going to wear. I do about three costume changes as well during a show, which it quite fun.”

Does she really like doing everything on her own or she hates paying people for what they can do better than she can?

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