Lady Gaga to launch her first fragrance

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Lady Gaga to launch her first fragrance

Poker Face star is about to burst into the fashion industry as a designer with her internships in clothes-making and trade and deals to produce eye wear, headphones and clothes. Lady also decided to launch a range of her own perfume and has signed with beauty company Coty¬† Inc. to produce and release Gaga‘s first fragrance in early 2012.

Stephen Mormoris, senior vice president of global marketing in the Coty Inc. is sure that the fragrance will appeal to the fans all over the world as Lady Gaga happens to be a “phenomenon” and a “fascinating cultural force”.

The upcoming fragrance is reported to be very “unusual” and will be heavily advertised. It doesn’t matter though how much projects there are on Lady Gaga‘s to-do-list, she says she doesn’t want her fans to think the music is just one of those multiple projects she wants to implement. Music is number one in her priority list. Well, that’s comforting, no?

What do you think Lady Gaga‘s first fragrance should smell like? What wild ideas do you think Coty Inc. are ready to realize? Discuss Lady Gaga‘s future first fragrance
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