Kylie Minogue Gives up Botox

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The Australian beauty Kylie Minogue admitted she never had any plastic surgery, any face lift. Her flawless complexion and wrinkle free face arise a lot of disputes over this topic. However the singer never denied the fact that she used Botox, but she vowed not to use it again.

Kylie Minogue

The 41-year-old pop queen told the News Of The World:

“I’ve been honest about the fact that I did use Botox. But I don’t any more, I won’t go near it. I have lines. You can see the lines on my.”

The Neighbours star has claimed that she isn’t going to lie under the knife ever.

“I wouldn’t want to go under the knife. You’re not yourself if you do that’, she said.”

What’s her secret to looking decades younger than her 41 years in this case? Kylie rings up the curtain revealing it’s all down to Pond’s Cold Cream – sold for a mere $4.99 (£3.99) on the High Street.


She says it’s really changed her skin and it’s an old classic that even her mum uses.

“It really does work. It’s made such a difference”, she gushed.

As Kylie stressed that her face is a natural beauty, it also seems that so is the rest of her body, saying she doesn’t even work out to keep her trim figure.

“I honestly don’t really work out. But I use a lot of body make-up which helps…and I’m body confident.”

She added:

“When I knew I was going to be in the tiny hot pants again I said, ‘Cover my legs and bum with body make-up!’ It’s definitely the way forward. I don’t work out like Madonna does, that’s hardcore, so I don’t think so! Every time I put the hot pants on I think, ‘this is the last time’.”

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