Kylie Jenner Glosses Come With Their Own Music Video

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Kylie Jenner KingKylie shot

Kylie Jenner is working tirelessly on her makeup empire, it seems. The young entrepreneur has already eight matte lipsticks in her collection, three color collaborations with nail brand Sinful Colors and surely more plans for the beauty future but for the moment she enlists three beauties to market her three new products, lip glosses called Like, Literally, So Cute in a music video directed by Colin Tilley for the song simply called Glosses.

Kylie Jenner & co

The April 1st release had many speculating whether or not it was a joke, but the glosses are as real as, unfortunately, the video in which Kylie’s girlfriends are robbing some establishment while the lip princess herself is acting as a glamorous getaway driver. Is it just me or making a music video for a commercial product a bit over the top?

Kylie Jenner

The colors are as neutral as when the LipKits only emerged, so there are probably going to be more shades in the future but for now the beauty junkies everywhere are fervently waiting for the glosses to drop.

Music video shot

Tell me what you think about the Glosses music video below.

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