Kirsten Dunst – Bvlgari Fragrance – Mon Jasmin Noir…

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Kirsten Dunst – Bvlgari Fragrance –Mon Jasmin Noir… “Is there any connection?” you probably wonder… Be sure there is, as just the other day Kirsten Dunst has been announced to become the new face of Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir fragrance for women. The latest Bvlgari fragrance for her Mon Jasmin Noir is set to hit the stores this April.

Kirsten Dunst – Bvlgari Fragrance – Mon Jasmin Noir...

Well, it surely was not to nothing that last month Kirsten was spotted at Bvlgari party, within a matter of month it turned out that very very soon we will witness the birth of new Bvlgari star. Unfortunately, there are very few details concerning the forthcoming fragrance as well as this celebrated collaboration of 28-year-old actress and world Bvlgari brand. The only thing I can share with you is that Kirsten Dunst is going to be a special guest at the release of Mon Jasmin Noir (by the way, it means Black Jasmine) that is announced to be held during Milan Fashion Week.

For my part I’m dying to smell the renovated version of Jasmin Noir, launched in 2008… what about you?

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