Kim Kardashian Hits Her Best Shape

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Kim Kardashian is one of the celebs who is persistently on a diet and working out. She always looks stunning good but she has recently focused her attention on getting into her best shape ever. The results are amazing!


These are the photos of Kim and her sister Khloe introducing the QuickTrim to GNC store. Both reality show stars looked great. But someone is pretty dubious of how they could achieve it so fast.

Kim defends her perfect body shape as a result of eating right and working out.

She commented it on her website:

“I really feel like I have reached my fitness goal and now I am toned, fit and at a healthy weight and I just need to keep it up!”

She even didn’t allow herself to gobble on Thanksgiving, saying:

“No excuse for getting lazy during the holidays.”


Kim’s former Dancing With the Stars partner Mark Ballas told that she always was dedicated to looking her best.

“I don’t know maybe the dancing got her moving,” Mark said. “But she is very disciplined and one of the sweetest people I know. I talk to her all the time; we became really close friends. She is focused in that gym working on that fitness everyday, doing her thing. I am proud of her.”

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