Kim Kardashian About Her Life Savior!

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Kim Kardashian hit the beaches of Mexico last week, but that was much more than just a take out. She had fallen asleep under the hitting sun rays and got the sunburns on the face and body in particular. The star posted images of her post-sun visage on Twitter.

Kim Kardashian Sunburnt

Now Kim is sharing how she found relief on her blog with her favorite new product – Kiehl’s Anti-Oxidant Skin Preserver:

“This face cream saved my life!” she writes.

Kim Kardashian About Her life Savior

She also adds:

“It is the only thing that calmed down my sunburn and healed my skin! Having this sunburn was the biggest wake up call for me. I realized how damaging sun is and how important it is to take care of your skin.”

It’s time to prevent the skin against the sun! Kim learned the lesson! Don’t follow her mistakes.

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