Kim Kardashian’s Fragrance Logo in Trouble

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Kim Kardashian’s latest baby is her fragrance that hit the Sephora stores this month. But not long ago, it appeared that the perfume’s logo may not have been Kim’s idea.

Kim Kardashian stole the scent logo

It happened back to 2008, when Kim was presented one of the gold necklaces as a gift just with the same double K logo by Lindley Bertin the creator of the Korcula jewelry line which was launched under that logo. Lindley was flatted seeing Kim wearing the necklace engraved with her initials.

But it was all over until she saw Kardashian’s perfume bottes come out this year.

Bertin told StyleList:

“I am disappointed that someone would take something from me that I put so much time, energy, and money into creating.”

The designer feels that the Kardashian fragrance logo is a rip-off of her own, and has enlisted the help of mega-lawyer David Boies to resolve the matter.

Hope that the situation will be solved peacefully!

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