Kim Kardashian’s Bad Botox Story

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Wow! 29-year-old Kim Kardashian has already started the anti-aging process by getting Botox injections! On her show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim gets Botox injections without freezing. But it seems to me Kim is a little bit young for Botox, she even has no wrinkles, but anyway Kim has already done it!

Kim Kardashian’s Bad Botox Story

I am turning 30 this year and I am freaked out. It is so embarrassing. It makes me feel older than I already am. Lines on my face are not acceptable,

Kim beefed.

But now she is reported to have a bad reaction to the Botox injections! (OMG! As if she didn’t have enough problems to worry about!)

But fortunately Kim Kardashian turned out to be to be born with a silver spoon in her mouth! The reaction to Botox injections may be much more severe! She suffered an allergic reaction to the Botox injections, and eventually Kim got serious swelling and black eyes.

Kim Kardashian’s Bad Botox Story

I’m never doing this again… at least not until I’m 40.

Kim tried to convince her family after understanding that her bruises were a natural outcome of the injections.
Yeah! Kim Kardashian learned her lesson! Maybe next time she won’t get Botox injections until “lines on her face” really appear!

Exclusive Kim Kardashian’s Botox injections video… Find out how it was:

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One Response to “Kim Kardashian’s Bad Botox Story”
  1. Dr. Devrim Elmas Medical Esthetic Doctor Says:

    I do not think this is her first botox experience.

    Those effects are not allergic reaction to the botox, these are some hemorrhage and/or edema may occur becouse of any needle enjektion. Those can be less with special handling.

    When you do botox before wrinkle appears, nobody will understand that you do botox all this time.

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