Kendra Wilkinson Wants Her Great Figure Back!

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It was time when we all watched young celebrities showcasing their baby bumps. Now when they had their babies at last we hear about their plans and even special secrets on how to get the perfect figures back.

Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson who has had her baby lately gave an exclusive at-home interview about how she would be working on her shape. And she is sure she will be ideally fit soon.

I’m gonna be a hot mama!” says Kendra.

Kendra, who had a C-section, cannot have a serious workout regime at the moment. But taking care of her little son is hard enough too.

The doctor said I can’t exercise until after six weeks [due to a C-section], but getting up and down in the middle of the night — feeding him, changing him and soothing him when he’s crying — is my ab workout already!”

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