Kelly Osbourne is an 8 Sized

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I cann’t stop saying that sport, dancing, and jogging are the best weight drop techniques. If you want to loose weight, don’t stay at home sitting on the couch and eating chips, rush to move.

By my own experience I know that practicing dancing and running from time to time helps me keep my slim figure!

Kelly Osbourne for Bryan Adams Hear the World Ambassadors

Here she goes again! Kelly Osbourne amazed me as she is so strong and persistent in going on with the Dancing with the Stars show. The star says she has never felt so healthy, particularly as the last time she was this size was “when I was taking drugs”.

The daily rehearsals are the professional attitude level of dancing. The outcome is a WOW!-LOOK-AT-HER reaction!

“I’m a size 8 now since losing more than a stone from all the dance training,” she said. “I’ve been that small before, but it was when I was taking drugs and was really unhealthy. Now I’m so fit and even my skin looks better – I think it’s from all the sweating!”

Kelly also added in her column for Closer magazine that there are also some parts of her body she would work on.

She explained:

“I’m not loving my upper arms to be honest – I think I’ll start doing some weights to tone them up.”

Kelly Osbourne is an 8 Sized

I’ve never had Kelly Osbourne in my focus as her drugs addiction aroused my compassion upon her and nothing more. But now I see her as a really strong personality! She is where she should be now!

So, she is a great example for those who aren’t sure they will be able to have size 8 someday!

P.S. We’ll keep watching her dancing! Good job, Kelly.

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