Kelly Brook’s beauty secret

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Kelly Brook‘s figure is admitted to be the one of the 20 envied in the world, with women wanting to look like her and men dreaming of her.

And now the 30-year-old celeb has revealed her beauty secret and told how she keeps her curves, by being a new Reebok promotional campaign face.

Kelly Brook’s beauty secret

Kelly demonstrates the revolutionary new workout from Reebok and Cirque du Soleil, wearing a red crop top and skintight black workout leggings.

Kelly Brook’s beauty secret

The JUKARI Fit to Flex regime involves a mixture of yoga, pilates and dance, which tones and sculpts the body and increases flexibility and suppleness (great mix).

Speaking about it, Kelly said recently:

My aim this year is to be in the best shape ever. I’ve always liked to try to stay in shape but have never been very good at sticking to a routine.

Kelly Brook’s beauty secret

Kelly isn’t the only celebrity fan of the Fit to Flex workouts. Hot Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr and Nicole Scherzinger also were sighted in JUKARY Fit to Flex proving.

Kelly Brook’s beauty secret

Kelly’s involvement in the JUKARI Fit to Flex regime isn’t her first cooperation with Reebok.
Earlier this year she promoted the company’s new EasyTone trainers, being undressed to knickers.

Kelly said:

EasyTones are brilliant, it’s like having a little gym built into your trainers. I wear them all the time especially if I don’t have time to get to the gym and then at least I know I’m doing something for my body.

Now you know Kelly Brook’s beauty secret! Try it…

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    how make my belly like tv star im try every thing walking jagging sport even alot of sex give me solution

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