Katy Perry Will Promote Anti Acne Cream

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Recently engaged star Katy Perry is to be the face of the anti-acne medication. She will promote the anti-spot cream Proactive Solution alongside Canadian singer Avril Lavigne and The Office: An American Workplace actress Jenna Fischer.

Katy Perry for anti-acne medicine

The company’s executive Ben Van de Bunt said all of the representatives would be paid a significant amount of money.

He revealed to People magazine:

“We are paying people consistently with what we have done in the past, which is millions of dollars.”

Previous stars featuring in the commercials include country singer Jessica Simpson and Ugly Betty actress Vanessa Williams.

Australian singer Delta Goodrem has also previously endorsed Proactive products.

She said:

“I can honestly say it’s a lifesaver. It’s become part of my everyday routine – it’s so quick and easy to use. I still get the occasional blemish from time to time but they disappear really quickly.”

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