Katie Price – #1 Surgery-Obsessed

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Katie Price is often associated with the victims of plastic surgery. There is nothing surprising in that as only she knows exactly how many operations she has had to become an unnaturally looking doll with huge breasts and lips ready to explode at any moment. According to a recent poll Katie has been named the #1 surgery-obsessed person, a surgery addict.

Katy Price Surgery Obsessed

The poll conducted by the Good Surgeon Guide has put reality TV star Heidi Montag into second place after she confessed she had had 10 procedures in one day last year.

Despite all these surgeries the two socialites aren’t believed to be attractive by female respomdents. 31 per cent said Katie looks “awful” while 62 per cent think Heidi is a “terrible role model”.

On the third place there is Dannii Minogue who has had “too much” Botox.
In the top ten we also found such names as Pamela Anderson, Sharon Osbourne, Jackie Stallone and Jocelyn Wildenstein.

Christiana Clogg from The Good Surgeon Guide said of the results:

It isn’t a surprise to me to discover that cosmetic surgery is addictive, even to celebrities. Previous research we have commissioned has shown that low self-esteem is a factor in the decision making process when considering surgery and I am sure it is the same for celebrities. I do agree with many of the celebs making an appearance in the top 10, they prove that going under the knife isn’t always a great idea.”

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