Katie Price’s Daughter to Promote Make Up

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Katie Price launches a new make up range for kids inspired by Disney. The little Princess Tiaamii is already famous for her make up flashes at her 2 years old wearing fake eyelashes on her UK TV show What Katie Did Next. And it’s she to promote the make up stuff for children (who else?).

Katie Price launches her kid's make up range

Katie Price’s brilliant idea of releasing the products came to her mind after she noticed that little girls want to look like their mummies.

She said:

“We went to Disney World and they do make-up for children and mine will be like that. But it won’t have glitter in it like the Disney stuff. It will be safe, it will be like the stuff you get in Toys ‘R’ Us.”

She added to UK TV show This Morning:

“I go to my drawer and my pencils are blunt where Princess has used them. Make-up for kids is perfectly fine, it’s pretty harmless really. Little girls have always enjoyed playing about with a bit of lippy and mascara. It’s only a big deal because it’s me.”

The ex-husband of Katie and father of Princess Tiaamii, Peter Andre was reported to be furious after learning his former spouse planned to use their daughter to promote the kids’ make-up range.

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