Kate Moss Conquering Beauty World with Rimmel

Supermodel Kate Moss is announced to enter into a beauty world featuring her own makeup range with Rimmel. In spite of her crowded modeling schedule Kate is about to conquer beauty world.

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Kate Moss is going to enter into the beauty world with Rimmel launching her own makeup range. Having been Rimmel model for 10 years, Kate Moss has obviously learnt all the details of ‘cosmetics manufacturing’.

Kate Moss Conquering Beauty World with Rimmel

The collection will be available since October 2011, comprising six lipstick shades (her signature sexy red lipstick color is surely included), and set of fabulous eyeshadow. Moreover everything is rumored to be packaged with leopard print rhinestone pouch.

I hope besides wearing a famous name the collection would involve really good makeup products. What do you think of Kate’s makeup collection?

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