Kate Moss Blames Price for Perfume Overdo

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The world known supermodel Kate Moss has her own cultivated measure of taste and limit in some aspects, though sometimes she runs counter to it. But in any case recently she blamed Katie Price on wearing too much of the perfume.

Kate Moss blames Katie Price

She said:

“Don’t wear too much perfume, so that it leaves a trail behind you. Have you seen Katie Price’s programme? She wears too much. I’ve never actually smelt it, but she sprays for about 10 minutes! I’m like, oh my God, what is she doing? I don’t think that’s a good look. It should be subtle enough that you can smell it, but no so that it’s overdone.”

Tastes differ! Bit I can agree that there is a culture of fragrance wearing anyway. Andt Kate – who has fragrances of her own – won’t leave the house without a scent.

She told Company magazine:

“I feel a bit naked if I go out without any perfume on. I don’t feel fully dressed without it. I always spray around my head then behind the knees.”

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