Kate Gosselin Keeps Changing Her Hair

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The mom-of-eight Kate Gosselin begins to enjoy her new image. After changing her trade signature short hairstyle for the long sleek layered look that took 20 hours to complete (I wrote about her showing off for People cover recently) she came to her hairstylist Ted Gibson again to freshen up the look get her ready for a Sex and the City-worthy night on the town.

Kate Gosselin

Gibson tells People:

“She came in because her own hair has grown, so we changed the length. Now we thought shoulder length would be ideal–we wanted it to be straight, and sexy and moving.”

And the reality star couldn’t have been more pleased with the results:

“She’s ecstatic about the way the extensions look. We took off about four inches, close to that. That’s one great thing about extensions–she can go back to having it long again, whenever she wants. She can keep changing.”

While other stylists gave her a taste of some of NYC’s best nightlife to show off the new look, Gibson says about her evening out:

“It was long overdue that she got to go out and have some fun.”

It’s no so bad, isn’t it?

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