Kate Beckinsale has doubts about her looks

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Millions of times we have found that stars we admire so much are just real people. Kate Beckinsale is just one more example. The actress has recently revealed she worries about her looks as much as any other woman.

kate beckinsale

She said:

I’ve always had doubts about my looks. Most women have body issues and I’m no different.”

It sounds a bit surprising because Kate was named the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire magazine. But somehow all these doubts can be provoked by ordinary rumours we hear about celebrities. For instance, someone had been spreading gossip that in 2004 Kate had had a boob job after she had to gain 14lbs for her role as Ava Gardner in the movie ‘Aviator’.

The 26-year-old admits she was even pleased at first thinking people considered her breast looked wonderful but then she knew she was wrong.

She told Reveal magazine:

We were suddenly talking about breasts – not brains. At one point I felt as though everyone was out to get me. I was having everything examined from my cellulite to my choice of films. I had allowed my self to be flattered when all this talk of breasts started because I assumed it meant I looked good. But when I found out it meant I had horrible boobs I was taken aback. I began to wonder why I cared about things which, essentially, don’t matter at all.”

Hearing such things isn’t nice for a woman and it can easily make you believe there is something wrong about you if everyone says that. Anyway, I see Kate as perfect and I truly reckon she doesn’t need to worry about her looks.

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