Justin Bieber is Future Hairstylist

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Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber has shown his amazing talent in hair styling. His groomer Vanessa Price was delighted with the results when he recently gave her a trim.

Canadian pop and R&B singer Justin Bieber

Vanessa said:

“He actually trimmed my bangs! He’s going to be an amazing hair stylist once his career is over.”
Justin’s trademark blonde floppy locks take Vanessa very little time to achieve.

She explained to People magazine:

“He’s got beautiful gorgeous skin, gorgeous hair that knows exactly where it wants to go. On a given day it’s five minutes and out – very easy. It’s all about texturising layers. We just use nice shampoo and conditioner.”

She added:

“We brush it forward. We kind of tell it where to go. I like using my fingers to get a little piece-y at the ends.”

Vanessa thinks the teen sensation uses his hair well in a bid to attract more female fans.

She laughed:

“A little bit of the hair flick, is definitely, definitely used for flirting – not just him, but boys in general, I’ve noticed.”

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